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  • Designing the new website took us on a journey of branding rediscovery: from new features to our iconic colors, desk swaps or special projects, we pressed the refresh button for our online presence and brought new aspects into the spotlight.​​​​​​​
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  • We started with a very representative color palette, going for the bright and bold look that speaks for our work. Then we ventured into a secondary palette, mixing muted & unconventional colors for a more daring approach.
  • Furthermore, we had fun creating a type of color filtered search: from yellow to white, pink, blue or green you can browse our projects in the research page and see how we approached these hues throughout the time, in different projects and with various techniques.​​​​​​​
  • We fell in love with the balanced proportions of Circular, a geometric typeface created by Swiss designer Laurenz Brunner.

    We also added our illo twist to it, incorporating 3 different variations in our typography pack, for titles or highlights: dynamics Tilted Titles, brutalist Colorful blink, stylish Mirador serif by Studio René Bieder.
  • They play a central role in our header and can be easily found throughout the website, a constant presence, as well as a recurring, distinctive mark: these slightly irregular shapes unfold straight from our logo and set things in motion. While the logo stays the same, these geometrical spin-offs bring a fresh, dynamic touch to the new website.
  • There are many playful gems in the new website. Our projects parade in an infinite loop, with mouseover captions, connections to our social media channels or external links. The personalised pointer is a shapeshifter, while the drop-down menu changes colors once you click on the more section. For a final treat you get to swap the teams’ virtual desks, shifting from one portrait to another and essentially playing around with the website contents.​​​​​​​
  • Founders Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli share some behind-the-scenes design highlights for the launch of the new website
  • Credits — Website Design Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli + Design deployment & Portfolio Giovanna Crise + Development