Viz - The quickest way to create simple charts

  • Viz is the first iPhone app that lets you create simple graph charts instantly.
    Diagrams and charts can be very complex things, but for most users it would be
    enough to have a proper pie chart or some nice bars showing their data.
    Why use a spreadsheet software when we can do it immediately on our phone?
  • Examples of charts created with Viz
  • Viz is generating charts that can be immediately shared on your social network
    such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or they can be saved on your device
    as a JPG for being used in a presentation software or a website.

  • Version 1.0 is out now - August 2013 – and it supports all the iOS devices
    (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). An optimized version for iPad screen, with more
    features will be out later this year.

    ● Five style of charts: BARS, PIE, CLOUD, SKYSCRAPERS and PARLIAMENT
    ● Choice of five colour schemes
    ● Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail and save as JPG
    ● Archive to keep your projects and/or edit them late
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