Art-capital brand

  • Project was made in 2008


    Branding, Graphic design, Strategical Creative
  • The key challenge was rebranding.
    Naming: ART-CAPITAL Slogan: Next level Logo:
    The brand platform is: Growing and moving to the aim Pointer - a symbol of development Button symbolizes push and movement The xclv.brand formula is: Logo is a button of growing and moving to the aim, to next level. Red color is dominant. We are made a lot of stuff. The main idea of advertising is a Miilion Dollars question - the intuitive most important question in the life 
    ART-CAPITAL has been operating in the stock market since 2000 and is one of the most successful Ukrainian investment groups in the segment. The company has been progressing very dynamically in the context of formation and development of the stock market in Ukraine. During a short period of time ART-CAPITAL has managed not only to gain a foothold in the young market, but also to make substantial progress in the most promising business activities: brokerage services, M&A transactions support, asset management. 

  • I'm happy 'cause this project you can see in Brandbox2 book (BiosDesignBooks) and Branding:A Way of Business (Sandu Publishing)