104 - Brand Design Proposal

  • A few months ago, we participated in the consultation for the visual identity of CentQuatre-Paris. As we are used to do on this blog, we present you our unselected creative avenues.

    The CentQuatre 

    Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, it is a space for residencies, production and diffusion for audiences and artists from all over the world. Conceived as a collaborative artistic platform, it provides access to all of today's arts, through a resolutely popular, contemporary and demanding programming. An atypical living space dotted with shops, it also offers spaces for free artistic practices and early childhood. For the start-ups that join its incubator, it is a unique area for experimentation, at the crossroads of art and innovation.

    After 10 years of fruitful and growing activity since its creation and strong development in terms of attendance and outreach, CentQuatre now wishes to position itself as an alternative cultural institution resolutely oriented towards innovation and emergence.

  • Proposal 01: The rupture

    In this research, we started with the number 104, and we treated it in a minimalist way, with a simple shift play that reveals the number 4. This visual artifice creates an effect of movement, and makes it possible to hang the logo on the caesura of two zones. Then, all that remains is to play with this game of shifting, with a multicoloured language, in the image of their eclectic artistic programming.
  • Proposal 02: The building

    Installed in old halls, discreetly hidden behind a voluminous entrance porch, the architecture of the 104 is impressive, beautiful, simple... But you still have to go and meet it! In this second research, we have therefore chosen to highlight the architecture of the place.
    The name "104" is unexpected, mysterious, enigmatic, poetic, arbitrary, contemporary... Semantically, if it leaves us dreaming, we would like it to tell us a little more about this place.
    With an iconic place and an iconoclastic name, we proposed to associate the place and the name through a game of fusion between pictogram and typography, the name becomes the image of the place (and vice versa).
  • If you wish to discover the project that was chosen for the new visual identity of the 104, it is a work carried out by Ruedi and Vera Baur. You can discover their proposal here.