DroneLab user interface

  • The Drone Lab is a 4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor. It is capable of generating rich, textured soundscapes, hypnotic drones and complex rhythmic sequences. It features a series of filter and distortions circuits as well as an audio input jack.
     Since the original plastic housing was not as durable as needed I decided to design a stronger and more user friendly case for the amazing little drone maker. The new housing is powder coated stainless steel with silkscreen printing. It’s durable and a pleasure to play. 
    Print by Musterprint / assembly by Van Daal Electronics.
  • Assembly kit
  • Original housing
  • Design layout
  • Design layout with knobs
  • Layout printed
  • Final result
  • Easy to use in dark!
  • Robust housing
  • Thank you!