Barista Reka Toffee

  • Barista Reka Toffee
    Reka Toffee is a sweet, friendly barista who lives in Devonport, Auckland. He has a very warm heart which is rare to find in this world. His job as a Barista is his passion since he loves and enjoys making coffee and decorating it. When people feel happy with his coffee, he feels also happy. People sometimes get scared of him by his appearance as he is buff and tough built. However, this does not stop him in expressing his warm heart by serving them coffee.

  • Some judge others’ inner personality by their outward appearance. This issue is revealed on both the character and a short sequence. The intension why Reka’s face is applied to cubism stylistic is key in illustrating this issue.  The cubism style, as a cut piece from a large shape was to feature an ugly face and also to emphasize the main concept of social problem on beauty. In order to emphasize it more, his huge muscles on his shoulder are exaggerated to make him look tough and haggard, rather then representing him directly as a warm person. As we know about the story ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the idea of Reka’s story can be explained from it. It looked interesting to ask the question, how you feel about people? Have you judged people by their appearance? What if someone judged you by at looking at outer appearance of you? This character is aimed to show and teach children not to judge people by a cover. Reka was created as a symbol to show not to judge people just because they are different.