Anti-Facebook Poster

  • Anti-Facebook Poster
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    The purpose of this poster is to reveal a potential negative aspect of that Facebook effects on teenager’s bad behaviors and emotions. According to recent researches about Facebook, anger, jealousy and selfishness, they are more appeared in those children who play Facebook than others who do not play Facebook.
    This is to say that Facebook, which has become indispensable to kids like we drink water everyday, yet it is at a loss for original ideas. Own spaces where teenagers can be spotlighted make them be more centered and further it leads them to become selfish. Even they feel jealous and anger when they see their friends’ status updates on Facebook. For example, observation on what they have and do leads them to compare themselves with their friends. The issue was the initial ideas to develop the anti Facebook poster.

  • Watercoulour and digital painting
    Printed on A2 size