Säker Switzerland Sparbank

  • The "Säker Switzerland Sparbank" logo idea was inspired by the lock technology that was often used in safes in the 1990s. We revived this style on touch screens so that people could relive the attention we felt when we turned the lock circle.

    To enter the password in terminals, ATMs, or touch safes, you even need to enter the numbers of the amount you will receive from the ATM by rotating, as in the "Rotational dial" technology. While this is a bit slow in terms of user experience, it will help people be curious and careful when
    entering a password, such as a carefully entered safe password. Although the devices are based
    on traditional passwords, their modernity and security give customers a sense of confidence.

    The concept project uses the Swiss style and one of the best Swiss fonts, the Suisse swiss type. The project shows how convenient the logo style is with short solutions. Logo style: offers a successful brand identity solution for many technologies such as fan, watch, thermometer and scale.

  • Mehman Mammadov        +