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Design portfolio focused on art direction, branding and graphic design. All works created by Felipe Elioenay who has more than 6 years of experience on many agencies as DraftFCB, Publicis Modem, Prodigi(Ukraine) and greatest brands around the world.
[Winner] ABEMD (Gold)
[Winner] UKRAINIAN DESIGN: The very best of
Abduzeedo [here is blank]
Pristina.org [My website]
Eu bebo sim [Badabreja Beer]
Pantone Gallery [CupCoffee]
Branding Served [here is blank]
Full Resume
Work Experience
  • Art Director
    Tuxedo // Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Art Director
    Prodigi // Kiev, Ukraine
  • Art Director
    FCB Brazil // Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Ar Director
    AG2 Publicis Modem // Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Art Director
    Diretta // Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Designer
    A1 Brasil // Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Interface Designer
    Alfaiataria Digital // Sao Paulo, Brazil