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Creative Fields
Illustrator, painter and designer. I live in Cyprus and my work has been influenced by the landscape, people and artists I have seen out here.
How I Work
Everything I do is hand drawn initially. The techniques I use for coloured vary, depending on the eventual format of the project but I work in paint, pen, dry media and digital colour.
Full Resume
Work Experience
  • Illustrated Map
    Beach News // Paphos, Cyprus
  • Illustrations & Tutorials
    Digital Artist // UK
  • Illustrator
    Midsea Books // Malta, Cyprus
  • Illustrated Map
    Ayii Anargyri Spa
  • Illustrations, Design, Illustrated Map
    Tsangarides Winery
  • Illustration, Design, Layout
    Blujah Books // UK
  • Graphic Design
    Cyprus Open Studios // Paphos, Cyprus
  • Illustrations
    Warwick Council
  • Illustrated Map
    University of Sussex
Networks (1)