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Graphic designer / illustrator / Soon animator
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I am a freelance graphic artist an animator based in Berlin.

I love the 90's cartoons, music, textures, travel, colors, slime, prisms, moose and cinnamon Jelly Beans!

For any inquires: hello at notflipper dot com


Full Resume
Work Experience
  • Art director, designer, creative director, illustrator
    B.B. Vandals // Jamtland, Sweden
  • Graphic Designer
    the Rodnik Band // London, United Kingdom
  • Graphic Designer
    Freelance // United Kingdom
  • Graphic Designer (Internship)
    Beach Tomato // London, United Kingdom
  • Graphic Designer
    Quality // Tomelloso, Spain
  • Graphic Designer
    DIsertam // Tomelloso, Spain
  • Graphic Designer
    Graficas Tomelloso // Tomelloso, Spain